Magic Flash

Twin Camera Adapter for Stereo Flash Photography

Introduction: This device combines the hot shoe or PC flash output from two cameras to trigger an external electronic flash unit at the precise time needed to have the flash illumination occur on both exposures of a twin camera stereo rig. This device also protects the cameras from the potentially damaging high trigger voltage present with some electronic flash units.

This device has three cables: one for each camera, and one for the flash. The two cables to the cameras have standard male (center pin, outer shell) PC connectors. The cable to the flash has a standard female PC connector.

Compatibility: This device will work with any pair of cameras that has a hot shoe or PC output for external flash. This device will work with any external electronic flash unit that has (or can be adapted to have) a standard hot shoe or PC connector.

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Sampling Frequency 20 KHz
Max Shutter Sync 0.262 Seconds (about 1/4 sec)
Battery 3 volt Lithium 2032 (20x3.2mm)
Typical Battery Life 800 hours
Module Dimensions 2.5 x 6.5 x 11 mm
Cable Connectors To Camera: PC male.
To Flash: PC female.
Rated Maximum Flash Trigger Voltage 400 volts

USER MANUAL: Additional information about the Magic Flash adapter and detailed user instructions.

The Pictures: Here are a few sample stereo images for your enjoyment, taken of the Nevada City Classic bicycle race in Nevada City, California. The pairs are big, 900x600, and I need to use a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 to view them on a web page. I apologize to those of you without broadband also--the compression is mild, because I can't stand to see JPEG compression artifacts in stereo. These images all open in a new window. Optimized for screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher, 32 bit color.

Images for Crossed Viewing:

Images for Parallel Viewing:

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